One stop centre from roof, internal floor to external finishes

Kuasada Sdn Bhd established in 1986 located on two-acre in Kuching at No. 79, Jalan Chawan, Lorong 2, 93300 Kuching Sarawak. We at Kuasada have the most extensive range of products out sourced from overseas,Indonesian, Gemany, Canada , Denmark, Vietnam, India and China.From our supply yard, the search for new products is going on and is fuelled by one main objective to provide the bigger possible range of quality products to our customers.Whether you are looking for roofing materials we have the Kuasada roofing system.For Kuasada roofing system, we have GCI Interlocking Clay Roofing Tiles, IKO Bituman Shingles from Canada and Ardonit SVK Cement Fibre from Belgium.The proprietary items need for good waterproof roofing like Bande Adealu, Fel'x and our new roofing underlay Sup'Air.

If you are looking for a large Granite feature rock or coloured pebble or Stone Wall Cladding, you will find what you need at Kuasada. Although known for its impresive range of rock and pebble, Kuasada has a wide range of large-format naturals tone paver.By dealing direct with the importer, you will save money and time.Kuasada also fully cater to anyone seeking general building and lanscape products, which is why we have stocks a full range of bulk materials, and whatever your construction needs-cement, bricks, subsoil. drainage, Fibertex Quality Gardening.The Fibertex products can be used all over the garden, in the house and when camping. We have Fibertex Patio, Fibertex Universal, Fibertex Weed Controller, Fibertex Rootseal, Fibertex Aquasafe, Fibertex Ground Cover and Fibertex Plant Protected.

With the reputation for quality products, our company have been increasing in demand of other line which we had expanded our business further to 4R St one Boutique on Restoration, Renew, Revitalize and Rejuvenate. The Dull surface of the marbles and granite can be rejuvenate through polishing using Diamond Disc and Crystal Shine System to their original shine and beauty.Weathering of the tiles and roofing tiles can be renew to their original stage by washing with 4R Stone Boutique Liquefier. Restore factory like shine to individual tiles or V Paris due to etch surface by CSS plus and CSS Liquid. our choice of water based sealer can Revitalized the stone or tiles from low sheen to high depend of client need.

Kuasada is a Hard Landscape specialist that use nice imported Pottery with exotic plants and materials such as natural granites, transform marble, sandstones , basalt, big and small imported gravel and pebbles from philippines, Volcanic Rocks , to transform a backyard or garden into unique decorative feature for many house. The Company has various imported Statues, Lanterns, Sculptures and others lanscape decoration as well as individually designed pieces Sculptures, Atlantis Pottery, flowers pots, bassalt and marble stools, tables , chairs, statues, Japanese Lantern, and work of art which will help to beautify our otherwise dull space.

We at Kuasada have a variety of products for your need to decorate and beautify your home for interior, exterior and even your garden.Our products allat reasonable prices and it always make our customers sastify.We not only supply materials, we also act as an adviser and give suggestion to suit your need on the materials for your home.

Kuasada is open six days a week - Monday to Saturday 8 am to 5pm. Please log on to our website at www.kuasada.com.my for more information of call 608 2-344 186