Ground Cover

Product Description :

Size : 18m x 2m

GroundCover provides optimum protection against soil stains and mud on your awning. Cleaning your awning has never been easier!
GroundCover is a thin but strong fibre underlay to be placed under the awning. When the weather is bad, you will not get soil and muck on the awning canvas as the awning skirt will not be in the mud.
GroundCover dries rapidly, so it is easy to clean and store. GroundCover is UV resistant, breathable and water permeable. GroundCover weighs approx 2.5 kg and anyone can handle it.
When you go camping, you must be prepared for all kinds of weather! If you want to avoid a muddy awning in case of rainy weather, it is good idea to erect it on GroundCover.
Even when the weather is not bad, it is impossible to avoid that skirts of the awning get dirty from lying on the ground. In this case, GroundCover will also help keeping your awning clean. GroundCover protects your awning and saves you the time-consuming cleaning goving you more time with your family.