Product Description :

Size : 100m x 2m

Size : 25m x 2m

Attractive terrace with room for family and friends

Finished terrace
It is nice when the attactive terrace is finished and there is time to relax with the family. The new terrace is centre of many enjoyable barbecue evenings with friends during the summer. But before the terrace can be enjoyed, a lot of work has to be done. Making a terrace is a major project. It is important to remember everything and to ensure that the result will be long-lasting.

Step 1
In this example, a completely new terrace has to be made for a newly-built house. Base coarse aggregates are laid first, then moistened and compressed. Next, sand is laid out and levelled with planning rails. Finally, Fibertex Patio is rolled out before flags are laid. When flags are laid on top of Fibertex Patio, the fabric will ensure that the sand is not pressed up between the flags, which also keeps the ants away. Fibertext Pation ensures an attractive and even terrace without anthills.

Terrace - Use of Patio
Step 2
Here the terrace is almost finished. Creating patterns in the terrace looks good. In this example, the terrace is a semi-circular shape. It gives and attractive result and plenty of room for the entire family.